Struktur starts Spreed Teams Europe - Spreed.EU - the cloud for teamwork in Europe. The Spreed Team Cloud is compliant with European standards and the principles for data access and verifiability of digital documents GDPdU. Spreed Teams Europe provides teams with secure video and audio communication, office collaboration (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, LibreOffice), team box file synchronisation and sharing, management of teams, groups (Nextcloud Circles) and access rights, and more. Spreed Teams Europe supports device-independent working in browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Iridium, etc.), smartphones, tablets and desktops as well as worldwide dial-in via telephone. Spreed Teams Europe is available from 19,- Euro plus VAT per month for teams with 20 members.

Spreed Teams Europe - Spreed.EU is a service of Struktur AG. Struktur, based in Stuttgart, is an equity-financed, German private company. Struktur AG was founded in 2000 by Niels Mache, an open source pioneer from the beginning, co-founder of Red Hat in Germany and Nextcloud.

Since 2005, Struktur AG has offered data protection-compliant services and software with Spreed Unified Communications and Collaboration. Thousands of companies worldwide benefit from these sustainable, environmentally friendly, cost and time saving services for the collaboration of distributed teams. Our customer Vodafone is a global organization that offers a secure and highly reliable conferencing service for companies and administrations with Vodafone Conferencing.