HD Video and Audio Conferencing

Discuss joint projects in small and large teams, exchange ideas via VoIP audio and HD camera. It doesn't matter if you are in a learning group, attend the weekly meeting with your sales representatives, if you need 1:1 consultations or like to host large webinars.

For Small Teams

Discuss all kinds of topics in small groups. No matter how distributed your team is or if you're on the go. Creating meetings with Spreed is so easy that you don't need to prepare much in advance.

For Collaboration and Education

Work simultaneously on documents, presentations or calc sheets, share your whole desktop or only single applications. Collaboration has never been easier.

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For Webinars

A larger audience requires certain moderation features to keep things smooth. Spreed offers various possibilities to assure that every participant has the rights he needs.

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Telephone Conferencing worldwide

Spreed offers free-of-charge, unlimited telephone conferencing with local dial-in numbers in many countries (Spreed plan required). Exchange ideas with your friends, customers and business partners - no matter where you are. Simply dial in with your landline or mobile phone. Rates may apply (depending on your provider).

Crystal clear audio makes for successful meetings

Secure, easy-to-manage cloud calling that’s simple to set up and goes with you on the road too.

Screen Sharing

Sharing your screen is a quick and easy way to present your documents, presentation or other files, to hold software training or just to share your screen in real-time. You - as a host - don’t need to download or install any software and neither do your participants. Not only one screen, but several screens of different participants can be transmitted.

Share your entire screen or just a single application window

You can either share a single application window, e.g. the software you would like to demonstrate or your PowerPoint presentation, or you could share your whole screen if you would like to demonstrate something that requires you to switch between different applications.

Screen Sharing extension for your browser

When you are using Spreed screen sharing for the first time, you have to add our screen sharing extension to your Chrome or Opera browser. Firefox screen sharing works without any extension.


Use text chat, share links from the web and download meeting minutes as a PDF document at the end of each web meeting. As a moderator, you can also delete individual chat entries or the entire chat history.

Files, Presentations and Whiteboard


Provide files for your participants that they can download quickly and easily, even after the meeting has ended, they will be available in your meeting lobby.

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Presentations & Whiteboard

Hold presentations in your online meeting room in the same way as you would in real life. Use the pointer to point out certain areas in your presentation, use the rectangular, line or freehand tool to draw in PDF files.

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Document Collaboration

Work together in groups, edit text documents, presentation or calc files simultaneously and discuss topics in real time while you work on them.

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The integrated calendar offers a quick and easy way to manage your meetings. You can create spontaneous as well as recurring meetings (daily, weekly, monthly, every 2 days etc) and invite participants with just one click. The time zone can also be adjusted so that each participant receives the correct date and time in their email invitation. Enter participants by typing them in or simply import already saved contacts from the Contacts app. You can easily share your Spreed calendar with your team or even create a public link. You can also subscribe to the calendars of others.


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's sometimes hard to keep an overview of all the appointments. By default, Spreed reminds you and your participants 24 hours and 1 hour before the start of your meeting by email including all login details, so that you have them quickly at hand. You can also adjust the reminder period manually to fit your needs.

Contacts / Address book

Spreed offers a secure repository for all your contacts: accessible anytime and from any device. 

Create different groups

Create different groups to manage your contacts in a quick and easy way. You can also add the same contact to multiple groups.

Import your existing address book

Simply export your existing address book and import it into Spreed. Invite attendees with just one click!

Cloud Storage

Spreed offers up to 30GB shared cloud storage (depending on your meeting plan). All the files you upload are stored securely and encrypted.

Provide files for your attendees

The files provided in your meeting room can be downloaded from your attendees. Even after the meeting has ended, the files will be available for download until you delete them.

Share files 

You can create a link for the files you've uploaded which you can send to others. If you need more protection, you can even add a password and set an expiration date for the share.